”Men Also Buy Underwear!” Who Leers At Lingerie?


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  • Man ‘unfairly’ barred from lingerie show

How daft can it get?

This sad-sack believes he was discriminated against and is taking his case to the Ombud for Equal Treatment.


All the ‘discrimination’ hogwash is getting ever so tiresome…


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…and it’s beyond tiresome that over-paid bureaucrats, like the Ombud for Equal Treatment, continue to drain the public purse, not just in Austria, whence this report emerges, but all over the world.

People should be free to discriminate as much as they want.

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If some businessman reckons a stubbly bloke in a dress and make-up would make him or his staff feel uncomfortable, of course no trannies should be hired.


If guys in a golf club in Scotland don’t want women members, leave them be – women can start their on club, ban male membership.

Die-Hard Golf Clubs U-Turn On Topless Women? 


If a fanatic Islamist runs a cafe and doesn’t want women or infidels on his premises, okay – who’d want to buy his coffee anyway?




None of these examples are anyone’s business but that of the people whose premises are concerned.

Public bodies, government services, of course, are another matter. Countries that make irrational discrimination into state policy, like apartheid South Africa or sectarian Saudi Arabia, deserve the abhorrence they reap as a result.

Incidentally, South Africa used to face UN sanctions for that reason.


Why don’t barbarous governments like Saudi’s, Sudan’s, etc,. face the same until they scrap shariah?

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If a regime like evil Iran’s, for instance, not only victimises its own women but arrogantly seeks to enforce its primitive mentality against women from abroad who come to compete in an international games event…

Shariah Chess? Fide Kow-Tows to Evil Ayatollahs! 

…then naturally protests are in order. 


But ‘discrimination’ by individuals, and by private businesses, should not be the affair of the state.

And a lingerie show’s policies ought certainly not to merit the attention of any tax-funded sticky-beak like ‘Equality Prosecutor Monika Groser!’ That old nag has decreed that although there would be exceptions to the ruling…this case did not seem like an exception.

It’s just about as stupid as that ‘ladies night’ nonsense we looked at last year, also in Austria.

Ladies’ Nights ‘Unfair to Men!’ Seriously! 

 It may well be that the Austrian man really did want to accompany his girl-friend so he could contemplate what kind of frilly knickers would make a fine gift on their next big day.

On the other hand, it’s not unreasonable to assume that perhaps the organisers did fear the prospect of voyeurs attending, to enjoy a jolly leer at scantily clad chicks.

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Heaven forbid!

The deplorable waste of Austrian citizens’ taxes on these Ombuds and Equality Prosecutors should be discontinued asap, but let’s face it, they wouldn’t exist except for the whine mentality of Herr S and all the other malcontents who are so easily left feeling hard done by.

The organisers of the lingerie show even sent him a nice little apology.  

 “Dear Mr. S., we’re very sorry but the event was a Ladies Night. We look forward to welcoming you in the future to an event in our men’s department!”

I can’t imagine any normal man who might be remotely interested in watching other blokes mincing about in y-fronts and vests…

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….but the big issue is – will wannabe female leerers be banned from that?