UK-OK! No More Taxation Without Representation!

Bliar’s most iniquitous electoral scheming is due to be overturned, with news that the fundamental democratic right, to vote, is being restored to overseas Brits!


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When the repulsive hypocrite Bliar outlawed expat voting rights, no rational explanation was ever given for the arbitrary ’15 years abroad’ diktat.
‘The Labour government of then Prime Minister Tony Blair pushed through the voting ban, ostensibly because it deemed long-term emigrants to have severed ties with the old country.


Bliar, with one voter eager to sever ties with the old country who was not deprived of his right to vote


Privately, Labour politicians admit the party’s assumption that most expats vote Conservative may just have played a role.

No kidding!

Europhiliacs have argued that if the two million overseas Brits had been able to vote, they might have thwarted British deliverance from the EUSSR.

Evidently Cameron didn’t buy that, because he reneged on his election pledge to give every Brit a vote. 




We can’t know if or how the result would have differed.

 I think not.

Some selfish folk on the Continent may have voted Remain for reasons of personal convenience, but my view is that thousands all around the world, who might be far from Blighty but steadfastly maintain allegiance to Queen and Country, would have revelled in the opportunity to cast a ballot for freedom.