Bad News Belgium, Where Even Cops Can Be Enemies Within!

Two nights ago I was watching France24’s Talking Europe chat show, and it reminded me of nothing so much as the disgusting bias that I’d reported a few months ago on Deutsche Welle. 

DW Quadriga ‘Debate’ – A Mere Anti-AfD Insult-Fest!

The French channel was all about Belgium this week, and had four politicians – one each from the two liberal establishment parties, plus one Green and one socialist.


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So when the topic of alien infestation arose, there was no chance at all of any common sense input. France24 must have known this but clearly had made no effort to get a balanced discussion, NOBODY with a realistic approach to the crimmigrant issue.

Why didn’t they invited at least one dissenter from the appeasement chorus?

There are such, in the Belgian parliament, people like Interior Minister Jan Jambon, of the Flemish nationalist party.


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Jan Jambon


Jambon not long ago summed up the Enemy Within problem when he said – “They threw stones and bottles at police and press during the arrest of Salah Abdeslam . That is the real problem.” ‘Many danced after attacks

But the France24 hostess let these left-liberals rip into Jambon in his absence, the nasty Green branding him ‘stupid,’ insults galore. The broad conclusion of this pinko panel was that the base treason that has been exposed…




…among too many of the alien minority allowed to settle in Belgium, over too many years, is BELGIUM’S fault!

Not enough done to ‘integrate’ them!

Had Belgium Acted, Paris Lives Could Have Been Saved! And In the UK? 

As if it’s not the duty of primitives who arrive in a civilised country to abandon their backward thinking and adapt to Western ways. Jambon too talks about integration, but I rather think that his version is closer to mine.


Readers will recall from previous posts what soppy little sentences are meted out to sectarian traitors by Belgian courts.

Belgium Stabs Its Police in the Back   



There’s something very rotten in the state of Belgium.

Terror Vermin Find Support In Brussels?   .

An outrageous example occurred last month, which I missed because at the time I was flying over Kurdistan (from the UK to Abu Dhabi) and the consequent jet-lag made me miss a lot of news items…like this!

Belgian police detained in France after driving van full of refugees ‘trying to reach the UK’ over border

What the Hell?

Since when do police officers in European countries aid and abet undesirable aliens?

At first I was reassured to read that Georges Aeck, the commissioner of Ypres police in Belgium, was outraged.

But he wasn’t outraged by the disgraceful conduct of the cops who made the news.

“We didn’t do it for money, this isn’t human trafficking,” he told Belgian broadcaster RTBF. “We only gave them a hand. We took them a little way in the direction they wanted to go.”

And the way they wanted to go was to Britain, illegally!

Decent people don’t give crimmigrants ‘a hand’ – they might give them a boot on the bum to send them back to where they belong…


…but facilitating the lawless was a breach of trust on the part of those Belgian Keystones.

Yet Aeck the Oik was not atypical of his comrades – the Belgian cop union threatened a strike in support of the malefactors.

The French were quite rightly appalled. France has not forgotten that Salah Abdeslam was allowed through checks while fleeing to Brussels after the jihadist atrocity in Paris.

Not all Belgians are good-for-nothing appeasement monkeys, not by any means. Jambon is sensible, as are most of the Flemish nationalist movement.

And we featured that smart West Flanders governor last year.  Common-Sense Carl – Don’t Encourage Crimmigrants! 

But that ghastly Green on France 24 was visibly gloating at how the bulk of his country’s political community had abhorred taking even a Sarkozy-style stand against subversion.

Until this changes, and Belgian voters wake up, we need to beware of Belgium!

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All the more after THIS story appeared

Belgian police missed 13 opportunities to unmask the participants of the deadly Paris November attacks before the events, according to an internal report leaked to a newspaper on Saturday.

Belgian police missed 13 chances to stop Paris attacks

As I said above…

What the Hell’s up with these cops, amongst whom lurk wasters who sympathise with crimmigrants?