Slap Down Green Nazi DiCaprio! Vote Here!

Somebody sent me a link quoting an opinionated jackanapes’ rant against democracy.


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Although the clown has acquired a bit of a rep for mouthing off, I found it hard to take seriously his latest authoritarian outburst, but it turns that, indeed… 

LEONARDO DICAPRIO made headlines this week with his suggestion that people who don’t believe in climate change should be banned from holding public office…Poll: Should climate change deniers be banned from public office?

Nasty little Green Nazi!

So let’s all slap him down, and the biased pollsters who, in the same report the link above takes you to, offer the opportunity to agree or disagree.


But just in case you might want to think it through all by yourself, the climate panickers insert their OWN link in the middle of the question, viz.

Today we’re asking: Should those who disagree with the scientific consensus on climate change be barred from holding public office?

  • PLEASE NOTE that bit in the middle takes you to a site loaded with Climate Panic propaganda.
  • Ignore their slanted insert, just vote – take a stand for democracy against Commissar Caprio,
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