France Needs To Put Down The Banlieue Beasts!



You’d think the monstrous attack by savages on police in Paris this past weekend might have focused even pinko minds on the evil that permeates the banlieiues, those notorious urban areas (not only in the capital) infested with aliens. 

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  • Yet a lot of the media somehow managed to blank the word banlieue from their headlines, substituting the (hardly equivalent) ‘suburb,’ thus, by default or design, concealing the truth of what’s wrong with those areas.
  • But one at least gives us a clue.
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  • The Grande Borne estate was where Amedy Coulibaly, one of the perpetrators of the January 2015 Paris attacks, grew up, as well as a trouble spot during the 2005 riots. Police officers pelted by ‘Molotov cocktail’ in Paris suburb
  • These areas are cesspools, where police know they’re at risk of attack if they dare go on patrol within enemy territory.
  • It’s not just a matter of crime, petty or serious, but of downright sectarian treason.
  • And it flourishes because soft, soppy policies have been substituted for serious law enforcement.
  • We have seen, time and again, in the past ten years, how the anti-social savages that dwell therein have a taste for insurrectionary arson.


Banlieue burning

Ten years back – blazing banlieues

If the swine had been taught a proper lesson previously, there’d be little trouble now, but so far no occupant of the Elysee Palace has had the guts to war down the barbarous brutes.

It’s all very well for Prime Minister Vails to say that Saturday’s thugs would be “relentlessly pursued and brought to justice…”

But that’s not sufficient. Not just last Saturday’s vermin but ALL such swine MUST learn that their lairs are no longer to be deemed ‘sensitive’ zones..


NO PARISIAN STREET must go unpacified – no sensitivity to savages.

Streets must be cleared of masked louts like those who burned that poor cop almost to death on Saturday.

Immediate imposition of effective curfews, defiance thereof to be met with lethal force.

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  • A few dozen – or better still a few hundred! – rabid rats shot dead on the streets they’ve been terrorising would have a salutory effect.
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  • And Saturday’s thugs need to be not merely hunted down but put down – Vive La Guillotine!

Martial law would seem the obvious approach, but it’s France’s choice.

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  • Friends of the French can only hope that next year they choose a President who will not only talk tough but ACT against the beasts in the banlieues.