Forges les Bains – Vive La Resistance! …


This week, we commemorate the anniversary – October 14th, 1066  – of the Battle of Hastings, which was basically a French conquest of England.


Hastings Harold interfectus


I don’t suppose the defeated Saxons welcomed Duke William’s Norman intruders into their towns and villages.

Nor is it the least surprising that today’s French villagers don’t want bands of military-age aliens foisted on them.

But trust The Local aka The Leftal, to publish a pinko rant aimed at those villagers, absurd drivel by a pro-crimmigrant clown who prudently does not identify him or her self.

Here’s how it starts.

Fear of migrants, in particular groups of single men, means locals in villages around France are not ready to offer the kind of fraternity the country has built its history on.

France’s history?


I don’t think Joan of Arc is celebrated for her ‘fraternity’ to uninvited English aliens!


Nor was there any notable ‘fraternity’ offered to uninvited German garrisons after the Fall of France.


In a small place called Forges les Bains, The Leftal almost tearfully reports, 44 Afghan men received a frosty reception on their arrival last week to a disused hospital transformed into a migrant shelter.


Why would this detachment of adult male Afghans not be warmly embraced?

Should they not, indeed, be hailed as heroes?


war zone 2

 Duuh, NO!

They are in France, are they not, instead of taking up arms against the Islamist savages of the Taliban?

There are other reasons why French villagers might regard these Calais crimmigrant transplants with no little circumspection.

Dog walker in Afghan migrant gang sex attack – The Local

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Five days after they moved in, a group of around 250 protesters  some waving French flags, marched through town to denounce the “imposition” of the shelter by the Socialist government.

Curious Leftal punctuation quirk there.

Why the inverted commas around IMPOSITION?

Like most French people  Most French citizens oppose softer rules on refugee status the villagers were neither asked nor allowed to decide if they wanted the alien influx.


referndmlet peole vote

When other villagers wanted a vote on the outrage, they were silenced by Hollande’s local flunkey!    

In France Today, Democracy’s ‘A Threat To Public Order!’ 

Meanwhile, a typical agitprop left-liberal Bruno Morel, director general of Emmaus Solidarite, the housing charity in charge of the shelter in Forges-les-Bains, attributed the sudden circling of the wagons to newfound fears about a “mythical violent migrant.”

‘Mythical violent migrants’ in Calais – a fake photo, Monsieur Morel?

  • ——————————-

“We have to bust this myth!”

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Refugee crisis: Hundreds of migrants storm Calaismotorway  )

Like, uh, how?

By re-writing the news we’ve all been reading for the past year or two?

 PS –

Of course, the crimmigrant men of military age could be replaced by younger, ‘unaccompanied minors’ – surely then the anxieties of the villagers would be allayed. Non?

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