British Lying Press V French Patriot Mayor!

Talk about the Lugenpresse!



That’s the German word for ‘The Lying Press’ and we’ve covered some examples over the past year or so. Maybe the worst being Ina Maria Reize…


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But this headline from The Independent takes the biscuit!

‘They are coming’: French mayor launches poster campaign after his town accepts 40 refugees

  • Skip the absence of quotation marks around ‘refugees.’

If they are coming from Calais, they’re MOST unlikely to be real refugees….

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…as UK Government Minister Brokenshire has said –  

‘In terms of the mix of people who are seeking to make that journey, our estimate is that the majority of those are probably economic migrants, rather than those who are fleeing persecution or some sort of civil conflict.


And if they are in France, they no longer have any need to flee!

But whatever they are, wherever they’re coming from, there is NO truth in the claim that the ‘town accepts’ them.




Thanks be, for an honest mayor in Bezier, Robert Menard, who has not forsworn his duty to the people who elected him.

Mr Ménard, who shared the poster on his Facebook page alongside the words: “We are informing the population,” last week called for a referendum to ask residents whether they approved of the plans to receive refugees in the town.

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A referendum is the only honourable way.

The Independent’s lie, that Beziers ‘accepted’ the imposition of crimmigrants on their hard-pressed community, is typical of the left-lib media dishonesty and bias.

The decision to import these aliens from Calais was NOT made in Beziers.

It was made in Paris, and the only ‘local’ authority to collaborate with Hollande was the prefect, who is NOT democratically elected. Prefects, in France, are mere place-men, apparatchiks appointed by Paris.

Appointed by the government, the Prefect is still the sole person empowered to act on the state’s behalf in the department.

So it’s quite clear who speaks for the people of Beziers, although the Independent’s hack has dredged the sludgier elements of society and found threats against Mayor Menard…


…from red nazi types who want him PROSECUTED for warning his citizens of what Merkel’s lap-dog Hollande is doing to their town.

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Since the first signs of Christmas commercialism have begun appearing in stores – I saw them in Manchester last month! – we should include this French patriot on our Christmas card list this year, an expression of solidarity that he and his townspeople may appreciate, as the Elysee Palace jackboot descends on them.


  • Jackboot
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  • Brits might wish they had some mayors with the same guts and tenacity as Robert Menard, as T. May’s ministers continue to bring in ‘refugees’ without any consultation or consent from the British people who then suffer the consequences.   Diversity That Makes All Europe Shudder! 

    Would it not be grand to hear an English Mayor echo these admirable sentiments?

  • “Once again, the residents of Béziers are summoned to pay the price of a policy that opens wide he door to our country to the immigration of a huge wave of immigration. Once again, we see ourselves imposed with things we didn’t want. But once again, we will resist it.”