Spain – Chanting Savages Celebrate Illegal Incursion

Handcuffed by Brussels, Spain just let another 70 sub-Saharan African migrants force their way over a barbed wire barrier –  that was on the Melilla enclave’s border with Morocco, last Thursday.



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These uppity crimmigrants’ shrill triumphalism is probably more offensive to Spaniards than the extra drain on the public purse represented by another seventy snouts stuck into the tax-trough.




They ran to a local immigration center where they were met by dozens of migrants cheering “victory, victory…”  

Africa migrants storm Spanish enclave of Melilla

The Reuters’ reporter, Amanda Calvo, must be presumed to have a sense of humour, because she goes on to tell us that, in the face of a virtual tsunami of these arrogant undesirables in recent years, Spain has stepped up security, partly funded by Europe…


Since when has ‘Europe’ ever shown serious interest in border security?

Every time any country unlucky enough to be ruled by Brussels has taken meaningful steps to safeguard citizens, to keep out crimmigrants, the rotten EuroCommissars have brayed their disapproval.

In fact, I’m sure patriots in Spain have not forgotten that Swedish marxist Malmstrom’s outrageous outburst back in 2014.

Madrid got it in the neck from one of the EUSSR’s most obnoxious apparatchiks, after border police put up sensible resistance. 

The EU Commissioner for Home Affairs, Cecilia Malmstrom, said she was “very concerned” about Spanish police firing rubber bullets to deter migrants.  She added that the actions of any EU state protecting its borders should be “proportionate”, and should respect fundamental rights and human dignity.



After that old scold’s ticking off, the Government in Madrid has more or less folded. They even lay out welcome mats to ensure that barbarous aliens don’t sustain injury during lawless incursions!


  • Other migrants were still clinging onto the railings in high winds, prompting firemen to lay out mattresses and other material at the base of the fence in an attempt to break any fall.  Migrants storm fence at Spain’s north African enclave Melilla
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  • A country whose government gives aid and comfort to an invading horde has no future.

  • Hasil gambar untuk ceuta migrants
  • Not exactly a hard target!
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  • The proper response should be to open fire and drive them back, with any level of force required.