‘Revenge!’ – Syrian Savage’s Brother Mouths Menaces From Afar

Just been listening to the brother of that mangy creep who hanged himself in Chemnitz, Jaber Albakr.

Hasil gambar untuk jaber terrorist


And an unpleasant experience it was, to hear the swine in Syria not only accuse the German Police of killing him but also threaten the three decent migrants who nabbed the skunk with ‘REVENGE!’

In an exclusive interview with DW, the brother of terror suspect Jaber Albakr threatened the Syrian refugees who turned in his brother.

The brute didn’t have the guts to clarify what he meant.

When asked by DW. Alaa Albakr responded –

“You understand. I have nothing more to say about it.”‘..

But if, as the long-distance caller claimed, his brother was not, or was no longer, ‘radicialised,’ for what cause, then, was the dead terrorist a ‘martyr.’

That’s how Alaa describes Jaber!

See it all for yourselves. 

Terror suspect′s brother: ′My reaction as an Arab is revenge …