Hitler-Haus Faces Blitz – How About Satan’s Lair in London?

So Hitler’s birthplace, a house in Austria, is to be demolished, to avoid it becoming a place of pilgrimage for neo-nazis.


Hitler’s childhood home, Braunau, Austria


So be it, and if Der Fuhrer had a tomb in an historic German cemetery, I’m sure that too would long since have been blitzed.

He’s not somebody that many want honoured, even those Europhiliacs who are busily toiling to realise their modern version of his dream.


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What then of the memorial to satanic evil in London’s Highgate, where a large, impressive monument stands, visited by thousands every year, some maybe just curious, but many of them, surely, there to worship their evil idol.

What kind of sickos lay flowers at the tomb of the creature who spawned the most wicked ideology in history, an abominable creed with the blood of  millions of innocents to its discredit.



Karl Marx’s monument should be dynamited, his grave excavated and what’s left of his remains dumped in a field somewhere, an unmarked grave, which is what I believe happened to Hermann Goering’s.

Then turn the site into a public toilet.



Marx was full of cr-p anyway!



I heard on DW today that the committee in Vienna has said they DON’T necessarily want Hitler’s house demolished.

Some want it transformed into an ‘anti-nazi’ centre.


So second thoughts on London.

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The vacated Highgate location could be put to good use as the site for a fine memorial, maybe modelled on the picture above, to those millions slaughtered all over the world…

communism tyranny

  • …a reminder too that in hell-holes like Cuba, the misery of marxism continues, freedom a mere dream.