Sorry, Bali Governor, NO Forgiveness For Jihadist Swine!

Hasil gambar untuk governor pastika bali

Made Mangku Pastika, Governor of Bali


Bali’s Governor, speaking on October 12, 2016, at the 14th commemoration of the First Bali Terrorist bombing held at the Ground Zero Monument –

“In fact, we desire to forgive. I feel certain that we have already forgiven (those who committed these acts), but it is not possible that we will ever forget.”




Like Hell!


Unlike the Governor, I hope the Bali Pigs are burning in Hell and will continue to do so for all eternity.


I very clearly remember the filthy jihadist pig Imam Samoedra (that’s it, in the middle) being asked by a reporter, during the Ramadan month before the terrorist trio were put to death – it’s a time when people ask forgiveness for any wrongs they may have done over the year – if Samoedra would ask it of his victims and/or their kin.

‘Why would I say sorry to kafirs?’

That was the fiend’s response.

I enjoyed my bacon buttie and beer the day they were put down.

No way should anyone forgive them….




…nor should we forgive those who laud their satanic cause.