Tell Us, Hollande – How Will Such Savages Enrich French Rural Life!

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Today’s news from Calais – about a journo’s female interpreter, raped by bestial aliens – should re-ignite the protests in every French town and village targetted by Francois Hollande’s insane scheme to relocate the Jungle savages.

British Lying Press V French Patriot Mayor! 

Forges les Bains – Vive La Resistance! 




The attackers were “a priori migrants” from Afghanistan…

The alleged asylum seekers initially wanted to steal the pair’s equipment and camera. 


One of the men then reportedly pulled out a knife and forced the interpreter to have sex with him, while two others stood nearby, threatening the journalist with a knife.

Once the attackers had let them go, the victims rushed to a police station in Calais to report the incident.

“The victim was examined by a doctor, who confirmed rape. Samples will… determine the genetic profile of the attacker…”


If Hollande doesn’t back off now, if he doesn’t start deportations, it’s time for full-scale civil resistance.

Primitive scum like the above should not be allowed to live anywhere in France.



  • If France had any sense, if the French were free from the imbecile EUSSR ban on capital punishment, the vile predators who raped that woman would not be allowed to live at all.