Arrest Amber Rudd? Calais Crimmigrant “Age Checks Not Carried Out! “

Home Secretary Amber Rudd should quit.


Depending on how one interprets the oath she’s taken as a Privy Counsellor –

…in all things you will do as a faithful and true Servant ought to do to Her Majesty. So help you God…

…many of Her Majesty’s genuinely honourable subjects may think this woman has betrayed that oath, and could rightly be arrested for dereliction of duty.

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  • Don’t Cabinet Ministers take an oath of loyalty to Queen and Country?
  • Is Amber Rudd’s breach of that oath an arrestable offence?
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  • If Rudd won’t quit, Theresa May should fire her or stand exposed herself as irresponsible.

  • That’s the only conclusion we can draw from the appalling revelation that Rudd has not authorised even the most basic medical/dental checks on the age of the Calais crimmigrants imported this week as ‘children.’

  • Making these easy checks has been dismissed by Home Office flunkeys as…

  • ‘too intrusive!’

  • Calais aid workers admit migrants are lying about their age… The Sun

How dare they!

As we pointed out yesterday, this kind of fraud is nothing new – Australians are fully aware of how boat-bludgers routinely resort to destruction of their documents.

Asylum con sees papers torn up | The Australian


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And of how documents can be created in Afghan back-streets, made-to-order fakes to facilitate the entry of phoney ‘refugees’ into civilised countries.


Don’t rely on  my righteous indignation – check out what the most pro-crimmigrant paper in the UK told us three years ago!

From their tiny cubbyhole offices, an army of typists can run up everything from marriage certificates to CVs and job application letters.


The increase in Afghans leaving for Europe fuels a lucrative business in fake passports and Taliban death threats

Also available, for several hundred dollars more: Taliban death threats, the special chits also known as “night letters” that can be a passport to a new life in the west.

Boom time for Afghanistan’s people smugglers | World news

What’s happening in Britain, TO Britain, this week is SCANDALOUS!

Even those aid workers in Calais who actually care about children, as opposed to those who are politically motivated, are horrified.


  • war zone 2
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  • They say that real children are getting pushed to the back of the queue while tough young Afghan men, who should be back where they come from, fighting the Taliban, barge into Britain.

  • Britannia sad
  • Wake up, Britannia!

  • C’mon, Brits!

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