Dutch, Danes, All Europe – Learn From Indonesia, Castrate Migrant Pedophiles!

I see President Jokowi has told the BBC that Indonesia could “wipe out” paedophilia with its new policy… –and that’s chemical castration for pedo perverts.

Indonesia castration law ‘will wipe out paedophilia’ – BBC News

A pity it wasn’t on the statute book a few years ago when that sleazy creep cleric in Central Java was in court- http://religiouschildabuse.blogspot.co.id/2011/01/child-brides-common-in-rural-indonesia.html –  but better late than never.

What’s maybe more significant for our many Western readers is that  this could be a useful addition to the legal arsenal which civilised people increasingly need against the menace of multi-cult migration.

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Jordan’s Chief Islamic Justice Department was recently quoted as saying child marriages represented about 35% of all marriages of Syrian refugees in 2015

We know that dirty brutes from the Mid-East and similarly primitive parts of the world  – so-called ‘refugees’  – are introducing their filthy pedophile habits …


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Migrant Pedophilia – ‘Our Traditions Are Hard To Break!’ 


… and that, shamefully, some European countries are giving the green light to these child sex predators.

Dirty Danes Say Pedophilia’s A ‘Human Right? Fock Off! 

But Europe still has sufficient democratic institutions to allow a fight-back.

If enough voters turn out and elect enough leaders and legislators committed to decent values, then the spread of vile migrant pedophile ‘marriage’ can be stopped and rolled back.

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Either chemically or by the good old-fashioned method! 

Simple choice for all those depraved alien ‘husbands’ – get deported or get degendered.

So say thanks to President Jokowi, all you patriots back West.