Who’s Obama To Condemn’Whining?’



Just heard the leftist BBC 1.30 pm news – with some clown telling us  – impartially of course  – that The Racist In The White House had ‘slapped down‘ Donald Trump.

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  • Criticise, disagree with, contradict, challenge, each of those words would be a reasonably objective verb, but objective reporting is not something the BBC understands…..NO, it has to be

…. a slap-down….

…as if TRITWH is some kind of God-King handling an upstart peasant.

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  • But then the BBC, like the equally corrupt media in the USA, looks upon Trump in exactly that way, a peasant, leading a peasants’ revolt, against the great and good aka the sick, decadent establishment that runs America to suit itself.

I do wonder if Obama has a sense of humour.

That word he used to describe Trump’s legitimate protest against media bias,, “whinin’ ” as TRITWH pronounced it, is SO much more applicable to all the braying, bleating and yes, WHINING agitprop outfits he has incited over the past eight years, echoing their self-righteous entitlement whines in his own speeches.


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I mean, who whines louder than the racist BLM.