Awful Amber’s Brat-Brutes – Proven Adult Liars Won’t Be Sent Back!

  • In the year ending September 2015, 590 asylum applicants had their age disputed
  • Of those 574 were recorded as having an age assessment and 371 were found to be adults
  • Since 2006 there have been 11,121 age disputes. Of those, 4,828 were found to have been adults
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  • lies
  • And big or small, liars are liars!
  • ——————————————-
  • So how many of those lying crimmigrants were deported?
  • Scary answer?
  • Maybe none of them, because…!
  • Home Office sources said it was extremely unlikely that any migrants found to be an adult would be returned to Calais as they would be able to claim asylum in the UK, regardless of the age.
  • Of course we can’t blame Atrocious Amber for all those previous cases.
  • She wasn’t Home Secretary for those years.
  • Who was, for six of them?
  • TheresaMay_1685363c
  • Home Secretary from 12 May 2010 – 13 July 2016
  • ooooooooo
  • Meanwhile, since we’re talking about liars, will the Charity Commission start serious investigation into ACTUAL unethical behaviour by at least one of the pro-crimmigrant charities, ‘TACT’  – the UK’s largest fostering charity – operating on behalf of the so-called ‘refugees’ in Calais?

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TACT expressed regret but refused to apologise.

Its false claim was parroted by migrant support group Citizens UK and swathes of left-leaning celebrities and commentators.

Charity falsely claims ’38-year-old child migrant’ from Calais Jungle is actually an adult interpreter

out with them

The people MUST rise up against this treasonous travesty.