Cat-Vomit, ‘Gay Marriage’ And Resistance! A Petition!

My cat is a pretty well-behaved pet  – if she needs to pee or poop, she asks to go out. But sometimes, if she’s unwell, she has vomited indoors.

Not her fault, so she doesn’t get punished or shouted at.

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But naturally, I, or whoever’s handy, will clean up the mess promptly. It wouldn’t occur to us to say that what’s done is done and we just need to ignore and/or accept it.

Same with the abhorrent legislative absurdity called ‘gay marriage.’


A lot of otherwise decent folks seem to be taking the view that it’s a done, albeit dirty, deal, and there’s no point in trying to restore civilised standards to the statute book.

Not good enough.

Some good people are fighting back.


A pro-family initiative is seeking to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman for the purposes of EU law.

Okay, the UK will soon be out from under the malign regime in Brussels.


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