Court Jesters? Austrian Justice Is A Sick Joke!

If he didn’t do it, then the accused can’t be guilty.

But that’s NOT the case in Austria, where robed clowns on an appeal court, dealing with a HEINOUS crime, have applied nit-picking legal sophistry to overturn the rape conviction against an Iraqi refugee who was jailed after claiming it was a sexual emergency when he raped a boy in a swimming pool…


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  • The court jester judges’ excuse? 

  • ….the lower court had not done enough to ascertain whether or not the rapist had realised the schoolboy was saying no.

Verdict on swimming pool rape case overturned

I thought an under-age rape victim’s ‘consent’ was irrelevant!


Okay, the dirty savage remains in custody pending new proceedings, but this is frankly disgusting. The Iraqi pig should be put down. His existence is an abomination.

And BTW, his identity is covered up, no photo, no full name, nothing by which he can be tracked.

Meanwhile, Austrian justice, in all its imbecilic majesty, parades on, with another report…

No jail time for asylum seeker who dumped baby in road…


Another ‘asylum’ swine has already been given several warnings for being drunk and violent. 


devil destroyed


So when he turned up again intoxicated with a beer in his hand and was told to leave, he flew into a furious rage.

Spotting his baby daughter in a pram nearby, he grabbed her and ran into the busy road, and put her in the middle of a traffic lane.

The foul creature should of course be horse-whipped, and/or put in the stocks in a spacious Vienna square where normal human beings, a category to which one would hardly assign him, could pelt him with whatever comes to hand.  

Then swift deportation, preferably to the most dangerous war-zone accessible  – maybe Mosul by parachute?

Fat chance of that! Up to 90 percent of failed asylum seekers are not being deported from Austria because their countries of origin will not agree to readmit them…Up to 90 percent of failed asylum seekers ‘not deported’ 

Every Western country should stop every penny of aid to these uppity Third World dumps!

Austrian courts couldn’t possibly be mean to a pig like that – BTW, The Local can provide neither name nor nationality, nor, again, any picture –  who’s orchestrating the cover-ups?



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Austrian justice is a joke!


nine months’ conditional imprisonment for endangering his daughter and attempted resistance to police officers.

But how gracious the scumbag turns out to be!

The accused accepted the sentence after consultation with his lawyer.

So what next for this joke of a judiciary to determine?

We read that three more of Austria’s grateful guests have had their gratitude to Austrian society called into question.

A gang of three Afghani drug dealers has been busted in Vienna. The suspects, all refugees who fled Afghanistan, were caught with €50,000 which they had made selling drugs.

Serious jail-time?


Or another slap on the wrist for those poor desperate ‘asylum’ seekers?



A tax-payer-funded fun trip to Bali might be a better idea.