Gaystapo V Religious Liberty – Ulster Awaits ‘Wedding-Cake’ Verdict!

It’s a sunny day here, just been out to Superindo to buy rendang beef, a treat  to accompany my viewing of the new series of The Walking Dead later.

But it’s a big day, maybe a black day, in Ulster this Monday afternoon.

The Gaystapo is salivating at the prospect of stomping freedom in the last bastion of decency left in the British Isles.

We’ve covered this story before, when –

… a subservient judge, Isobel Brownlie, issued her Stalinoid ruling… 

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“This is direct discrimination for which there can be no justification.”

Pathetic old ratbag! 


One might ask why shouldn’t normal people be free to ‘discriminate’ against maladjusted people who won’t seek help for their issues.

But these days an honest question like that can see the questioner in court – happily not here in Indonesia, but certainly in the intolerant climate of the West.



Witch-Hunt Against Christian Bakery? Back Off, Tesco! 


The much anticipated ruling in the case of Ashers Baking Company is to be handed down in Belfast on Monday (24 October).

The McArthur family have appealed against the initial ruling which fined them for declining to produce a pro-same-sex marriage campaign cake.

This case represents a full-frontal assault on freedom of expression and freedom of conscience.

Why should ANYONE be obliged to collaborate in the celebration of an affront to nature?

We’ve seen these witch-hunters, an infinitely more menacing evil than the zombies in The Walking Dead, at work in the USA, persecuting decent Americans.

Round One to U.S. Gaystapo – Oregon Fight Goes On! 

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  • Watch this space – we will advise ASAP how the Court of Appeal rules on the latest gaystapo attempt to intimidate Ulster’s Christians.