Ghastly Ga-Ga – Dead Delinquent Trayvon Martin An ANGEL?

I can’t stand this demented bint, but I defended her right to sing in Jakarta when the bigot gangs were out to get her banned.

Indonesian Cops and HMV – Concert Allowed, If Islamist Bigots Approve! 


But now I’m almost beginning to see things their way…


Singer Lady Gaga revealed that the song “Angel Down,” which appears on her new album, is about the 2012 shooting death of Trayvon Martin…


Are there no depths to which the silly cow won’t sink?


The President neglected to say that, according to the jury decision in George Zimmerman’s trial, if Martin had truly been an innocent person, nothing would have happened the night of the shooting either, regardless of his race. If Martin was innocent and proceeded to walk to his father’s house, without stopping to confront Zimmerman, he would still be alive. If he hadn’t sucker-punched Zimmerman in the face, jumped on top of him, and began beating Zimmerman’s head into the ground, he would still be alive today, regardless of his race.

Trayvon Martin Was No Innocent – The New American