Our Enemy, Erdogan, Claims Mosul – What Next – Vienna?

Erdogan has made repeated references in his speeches this week to the term “Misak-i Milli” or National Pact, referring to decisions made by the Ottoman parliament in 1920 setting out the borders of the Ottoman Empire.


This man is dangerous, and a  hypocrite, a sectarian fanatic….



 –  “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.” 


…who, in the same speech, had the nerve to refer to the sectarian fanatic government in Iraq!


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He often laments the concessions made by Turkish leaders after World War One, with the signing of the Treaty of Lausanne that brought modern Turkey into being in 1923. Pro-government media this week published maps depicting Ottoman borders encompassing an area including Mosul.

Please note-

The Ottoman Empire boundaries before World War One included not only Mosul but every square mile of Iraq!




And Syria, Jordan and Palestine!

And before that, it included Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, Serbia and Hungary…oh, and let’s not forget all those Armenians, until the Turks wiped them out!

A beautiful mosque and the dark period of the Armenian genocide




And had it not been for the Polish hero John Sobieski in 1683, it would have included Vienna.

Austrians know that there’s currently a Turkish Fifth Column already installed in their country, as their leading presidential candidate warned.