C’mon, Norway! Send Satanic Sectarian Krekar To His Death!

We have covered this evil alien named Krekar before.
He is a thoroughly wicked man, a typically satanic sectarian swine who has twice been sentenced to prison in Norway because of threats and inciting violent behaviour.
And he has been identified as a threat to national security.
Obviously, no civilised country should either let such scum in or, if they have got in, allow them to stay.
But he’s been on the deportation list since 2003!
So why’s the filthy brute still there?
While courts have upheld the ruling, Norwegian law bars him from being deported to Iraq, where he risks the death penalty…
 My God!
What that means, spelt out clearly, is that successive Norwegian governments have consciously put an alien fanatic’s safety ahead of their country’s security, the safety of their own Norwegian people.
At any time, any government could have introduced simple, fast-track legislation to remove that imbecilic barrier to common sense.
Norway is NOT one of the EUSSR’s subject states, so the Brussels diktat on capital punishment does not apply.
evil judge
The only problem lies with the loathesome robed rogues on the ECHR.
It would be a simple matter for Norway to derogate from that absurd European Convention on Savages Rights and kick Krekar out.
 Norway should set an example.
Hasil gambar untuk string him up
If they won’t put down the rabid rat themselves, then send Krekar to Iraq, and a well-deserved death.