A Berlin Outpost Of ‘Amber’s Army?’ Aw, “Poor Little Refugees!”

Chaos of Calais camp shutdown sparks fears for dozens of children

That kind of tiresome drivel – ‘fears for children’  – has appeared in much of the Calais reporting, as if many people are still gullible enough to believe that those referred to are actually ‘children’ at all.  

A child carries teddies or dollies.


A child does not exhibit every physical indication of adulthood.

And as for REAL ‘fears for children,’ for REAL  children…


Hasil gambar untuk children

Biologically, a child (plural: children) is a human being between the stages of birth and puberty.


…decent people should focus their fears on the very real dangers posed to real children by deceptively-described  ‘unaccompanied minors.’ 

As Amber the Ass continues importing, and hiding the truth about, her ‘poor little crimmigrant kids’ –  aka young men of military age – into the UK, we should take note of the widely reported news of what might be seen as Germany’s equivalent of Amber’s Army.

Syrian boys BANNED from pool after girls as young as NINE assaulted …


evil children


Police have launched an investigation after a gang of young Syrian asylum-seekers sexually harassed three schoolgirls


…sisters aged 9, 11 and 14 – were surrounded and molested by seven migrants…

Whether the filthy alien predators were age-tested we don’t know. Probably no more so than the scum we read about in Denmark recently.

Nine Young Women In Denmark… 



Or the obnoxious primitives reported in Bavaria a year ago.

German Girls Forced Into Shariah Dress-Code By Sex-Pest Syrian Ingrates! 

Clearly, the age of these crimmigrants doesn’t matter.

The report makes that SO clear!



…molested by seven migrants, the youngest of whom was just seven…

NB NOT the victims, but the crimmigrants…

…the youngest of whom was just seven…


What was it the Jesuits famously said?

‘Give us a child till seven and we will give you the man?’

So can a child born and bred and raised not by Jesuits but in the squalid codes of the Middle East, that relegate women to second-class status, be cured of sexploitation sectarian cult-think?


evil children


Irrespective of their years, the German girls’ assailants deserve a sound thrashing, then immediate deportation…





We’re talking about Mama Stasi Merkel’s Germany, where rabid beasts are not caged but unleashed.Cologne Migrant Who Licked And Groped Girls Laughs As He Walks …

The creatures detained for sexual assault in that Berlin pool were turned loose within a matter of hours! 

 The boys were all interviewed by police before being handed over to their parents after the incident in the Mariendorf district of Berlin.




And back in Britain?

Amber Rudd perseveres with importing phoney ‘refugees’/phoney ‘children’ – if they remotely resembled real children, Rudd would not have ordered camouflage at their entry points. She’s a renegade and should be fired.

That’s a top priority, if Theresa May wants anyone to take her seriously.

For my part, that’s an unlikely outcome – either the dismissal of The Ass or the prospect of taking May seriously.