If Rich Pinkos Want Amber’s Army, Let ‘Em Pay The Bills!


‘Thanks a few score million, Brit mugs!’

Anyone good at arithmetic?

Multiply 3400 by 130,000, please!

I’ve rounded down the sums to make it easier.

Rounded back up to the precise figures quoted in the media, I’d reckon it’ll be not far short of…

british money



That’s the amount in Pounds Sterling that Amber the Ass’s incredible hulking brat-swarm is likely to cost Brits per annum for the foreseeable future.




It’s going to be more, of course, as prices increase. 

‘We can’t cope’ Town halls say prepare for COUNCIL TAX RISE to pay for Calais migrants…


Brits should demand that louse Lineker hand over a few of his millions…and open up his opulent home – or is it homes? – to a score or more of Amber’s Army.


  • enemy-within
  • ———————————————–
  • AND all those other so-called ‘celebrities’ – like loud-mouthed leftist Lily Allen – who are saying that all you lowly commoners have got to sling the alien albatrosses around your necks.

  • ———–

  • Ordinary working people, just trying to get by, ought to follow these turncoat scum around, ‘flying pickets,’ as the Reds used to put it, and conduct permanent protests.

  • Hasil gambar untuk angry crowd

  • ………..

  • …echoing the magnificent put-down administered to the super-rich elitist Barroso by Austria’s patriot hero Herr Hofer earlier this week.





The arrogant erstwhile Brussels Commissar had been ranting at Hofer, whom pro-crimmigrant tripe-types fear will be Austria’s next president.

The doughty FPO candidate fired back at the former Portuguese Prime Minister saying:

“It’s always the same…


Swiss students: Austrian far- right politician 'not welcome'


“What’s with you, do you have refugees at your home? You are a rich man. Are there any refugees in your home?”


Sock it to ’em!

And all the more laudable, since marxists had wanted to silence Hofer by excluding him from the debate where the confrontation occurred.

Swiss students: Austrian far- right politician ‘not welcome’


Barroso’s wealth, and its sources, are a matter of some controversy in Brussels at the moment…

EuroCommissars Deploy Goon-Squad Against Their Own! 

…. but there’s no doubt he easily has room and resources to take in dozens of crimmigrants!

But then he’s the same as rich-bitch Allen – one of THEM, not one of US!


Shame them, every chance you get!