To All My Richmond Readers – Vote Goldsmith!

I honestly have no idea if I have any readers in Richmond – neither the one in Virginia nor the one in  London.


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But the latter has a by-election coming up in a month’s time, December 1st, I’m told, and I hope London readers will take a Saturday off watching footie and spend some time helping Zac Goldsmith’s fight there.




Son of the late Sir James Goldsmith, who formed the Referendum Party some 25 years ago, Zac has quit the Tories on the Heathrow expansion issue, about which I’m not informed enough to comment.

But for any MP to resign on principle is rare, and admirable.

UKIP has, in the circumstances, decided to back Zac. Even the Tories, for once, seem to get the idea of integrity, and are not opposing Goldsmith’s candidacy as an Independent.

But there’s more to it than that.


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Inexplicably, the seat used to return a Liberal MP!

That’s the party these days renamed the LibDems, a party of no principle, except that they can, however, be relied on to do Britain down –  witness the way they reneged on their commitment to a Brexit referendum….

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  • ….then, when despite LibDem treachery, the British people got the right to vote for independence, and did so, those same LibDems are now at the forefront of calls to ‘correct’ democracy by staging a re-run

Put them down in Richmond, PLEASE!