EuroNews, Devoid of Principle, Stages a Clinton Rally!


Hard to believe that even the notorious Pravda-clone, the discredited EuroNews, could be so virulent, so blatant, in its bias, but after listening to their so-called ‘Global Conversation’ tonight,  I can’t recall any other programme so devoid of even a pretence of impartial, objective journalism.




They had three guests, one man each from the political, economic and social spheres, to discuss the impact of, respectively, a Clinton or a Trump victory on Europe.

Nobody would expect any semblance of balance Red Russell Rails At ‘Dangerous’ Donald – MORE EuroNews Bias! but WOW!

The first guest was a Finn named Alex Stubb, a politician, still smarting, perhaps,after his party kicked him out of the leadership of his party earlier ths year.

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He declared he was for Clinton. She’s a ‘safer pair of hands,’ he said, presumably recorded before the latest email scandal!

Then a geezer named Pascal Lamy, former top dog at the WTO, gave his considered view on the candidates’ economic stance.


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Trump ‘just doesn’t make sense,’ was his conclusion.

So two out of three for Crooked.

Now you’d think that even the bigoted left-liberals who run EuroNews, soaking up public money from various countries’ tax-payers, might feel obliged to have the third guest play just a slight variation on their pinko theme.

Not because they have any sense of fairness but just to avoid being seen as the hypocrites they are, flouting their lying motto whenever they can. They just hissed that motto out as I’m typing this…

“EuroNews, All Views!’



But no chance!

On came the infamous red agitator Ken Loach. We noted the nasty company he keeps in our previous post. 

UK 5th Column Aids/Abets Wannabe Invaders! 


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‘God help us all,’ he grizzled. A Trump victory would be ‘the stuff of nightmare.’

The main hostess wasn’t that bad. Isabelle Kumar hardly needed to be, given who she had to talk to.

But Loach was interviewed, in Brussels, by their Greek bint Evi Koutsakosta, who appears to be far left herself, based on her idiot comments about how in America ‘we saw police violence against black people’ – as if all those dead cops were not victims of criminal savagery.


EuroNews Biased Snout – Deep In Tax-Payers’ Pockets! 

But WHEN will tax-payers in Europe pull the plug on this Enemy Within propaganda broadcaster?

It’s a damned disgrace.