Stop Clinton Confidante Lynch From Facilitating Voter Fraud!

We know Obama is a very bad man and that he hired his first and second Attorney Generals to pursue his Un-American agenda.

  • Barack Obama, Eric Holder
  • Eric Holder was rotten but his successor, Loretta Lynch, now seems to be excelling her nasty predecessor. 


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Attorney General Lynch objected to FBI director going public …

The US Justice Department has little interest in justice, so much so that they have bastardised the English-language itself, preferring to describe recidivist criminals as ‘justice-involved!‘ 

Baton Rouge – A ‘Justice-Involved’ Savage Kills More Cops! 

So now we have today’s morning post here on RRA, another appeal for support, from a good guy the USA whose courageous campaign against those who wish to rig elections has provoked Lynch’s wrath.

Project Veritas
Our friends at Breitbart sent over a memo from the Department of Justice that I took personally.Loretta Lynch is trying to slow our efforts to expose voter fraudMy hands are literally still shaking as I type this.I’m James O’Keefe, founder of Project Veritas.

Last week, I asked my supporters to donate to our investigation that deploys our undercover journalists to early voting centers.

Days later, Loretta Lynch rushed out “guidance” to U.S. Attorneys General telling them that attempts to stop voter fraud would be considered “ voter intimidation ” and would “ violate federal voting rights laws .”

Specifically, “challenging” possible illegal voters and the “capture of still and video images” would be considered a federal offense.

Well, you know what, I know the law andour ability to film and even challenge voters are decided on a state-by-state basis with THEIR laws, not the federal government’s edicts .

With that said, although I know the law, I also know that the law is interpreted for political purposes – and I have paid a painful price for that lesson.

I called up our men and women in the field and let them know the new risks – they are now a primary target of the Justice Department and every liberal U.S. Attorney General out there.

After I explained, there was no hesitation, not even a flinch.

They’re all in.

And now I have to ask you . . . are you in?

There are risks.

They can say that you’re funding voter intimidation efforts.

I can assure you, we won’t be intimidating anyone.

But we must stand up to their intimidation.

We’re not backing down.

Are you in? If so, donate here.

We still need funding for the pile of expenses from these investigations.

And now with this new threat, we’ll likely need to cover a pile of bills from attorneys.

If you can, stand with us and donate here.

Thanks again for everything.

In Truth,

James O’Keefe
Project Veritas

P.S. Loretta Lynch has issued a memo that I take as an effort to intimidate Project Veritas and slow our efforts to expose voter fraud across the country.

My team and I made the decision to keep going, if you can stand by us, donate here, if not, I completely understand.