Erdogan Death Plan – New Excuse For Non-Deportation?


One instinctively abhors wannabe Caliph Erdogan, not so much for his tendency towards tyranny; that’s what one expects in that part of the world.


  • Nor even for the way he attracts adoration from Cast-Iron Cameron (remember him?)
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  • The reason we all loathe the Turk is not only the threat he poses to Europe with his irredentist claims to Ottoman Empire boundaries…
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    Our Enemy, Erdogan, Claims Mosul – What Next – Vienna? 

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  • …., but the role he has played in flooding Europe with undesirable aliens, by refusing to do what is every government’s duty – control its borders.
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  • The million plus crimmigrants invited into Germany could not have got there if Erdogan had not left his Aegean shore wide open for them to swarm into Greece.
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  • Turkish Blackmail on Crimmigration, as Greeks Betrayed by EUSSR 
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  • Some people on the right, however, are now paying attention to his promise to reintroduce capital punishment.
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  • Obviously, the death penalty should be on every country’s statute book.
  • Terrorists, child-sex-predators, traitors, all those categories deserve to die.
  • The EUSSR disagrees.


FCO never tells Indonesians that most Brits favour the death penalty


Britain has been shamed here in Indonesia by its Foreign Office flunkeys’ intrusion into this country’s internal affairs, in pursuance of the Brussels anti-capital punishment obsession.       UK’s Jakarta Rep Frantic to Save Terrorist Skins -A Neo-Colonialist Par Excellence!  –

But while Erdogan may wish to execute some of the deserving, his sound-bites indicate his main objective is to put down so-called ‘conspirators.’ 

By that means, he aims to cow non-sectarian Turks who seek to preserve Kemal Ataturk’s glorious legacy. Ataturk more or less eradicated the old, primitive, Islamist society.

So how come my headline? 

Why will Mama Stasi Merkel and the Brussels elite publicly deplore Erdogan’s plan but privately rub their hands in glee?


Because, if he keeps his promise to his fanatic fans, he will give the Eurocrats, and their rotten stooges on the EuroCourts, a GOLDEN opportunity to block the return of untold numbers of crimmigrants to Turkey!

We’ve seen dumbo Danes and nitwit Norwegians  – and yes, bozo Brits too –  refuse to deport scumbags because they might get what’s coming to them!

Merkel too allows convicted molestors and terr0r-fans to stay in Germany, on the imbecilic grounds that they’d not be ‘safe’ if sent home – who gives a tinker’s cuss if they’re safe?

Now, if despatch to TURKEY means vermin run the same risk there?


evil judge


The ECHR’s robed clowns in Strasbourg will instantly disallow it, and please note their ECJ comrade-clowns have increasingly been leaping onto the crimmigrant protection band-wagon.

ECJ puts brakes on deportation of Iraqi family


Erdogan is wicked, but not stupid.

Merkel’s the same – surely nobody thinks her plan to ruin Europe was some sort of blunder; she knew what she was doing when she opened the gates.

And that’s why she will shrill about any executions in Ankara, but do so whilst quietly savouring the thought of how many of her unspeakable imports she can consequently keep in Germany on the specious grounds that they might be strung up in Turkey.





And if they’re in Germany, that means they’re all over Europe! Brussels has been shrilling out one Schengen diktat after another, telling sovereign nations they must re-open their borders…



Hasil gambar untuk lie down and die


Juncker’s renegade Greek comrade, Avramopoulos, speaking for all the supranational elite, made it clear enough not long ago.

“There will be no concessions on Schengen!”

No concessions on Schengen‘, Avramopoulos says

Civilised countries may not defend themselves.


 Hasil gambar untuk destroy the european union