Hallowe’en In USA – The Season of the Witch?

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I used to love Hallowe’en when I was a kid – they do it much better in North America, and in those days nobody worried much about kids going to and fro after dark.

Nor did we have imbeciles babbling bollox about who might erupt into tantrum-mode if you donned a sombrero or wore an Indian (NOT bloody ‘Native American’) war-bonnet.





The neurotic nincompoop who invented the crack-pot catch-phrase ‘cultural appropriation’ was probably not even born back in those wholesome times.


But back then we stuck to ACTUALLY appropriate costumes – good old-fashioned ghosts in sheets, and witches.

Hallowe’en is about the supernatural, after all, the night before All Saint’s Day, when demonic activity abounds. A lot of us children believed ‘they’ might be out there in the dark! 

Hence God-fearing parents would reassure us, as we toddled off, eagerly but yet warily, to trick-or-treat the neighbours…

..there were NO SUCH THINGS! 


Little did we know that parents can be wrong.

But no worries…just enjoy the party!