Taking Aim At Ayatollahs’ Sectarian Sexism!

Another beautiful morning in Jakarta, and news of another good girl with the right approach to those who treat women as second-class citizens!



India’s Heena Sidhu has taken a stand against evil. She is boycotting the Ninth Asian Airgun Shooting Championships scheduled for next month in the sex-apartheid state of Iran.

The sectarian sexists in Tehran are demanding all women, of every creed, kow-tow to its hideous head-shrouding fatwa.

“Women’s clothing in the shooting range and public places is required to conform to the rules and regulations of I. R. Iran.”



Barbarous bullies!

We covered the equally admirable declaration last month by an American chess star that she would stay away from the backward and brutal Islamic Republic, and we take this opportunity to remind you of the petition....


…which was organised then in her support. 




I’ll let Heena’s words speak for themselves.

“You are practising your religion, let me practise mine. If you are forcing your religious beliefs on me, then I don’t want to compete.”