More Savages Who Should NOT Be In Civilised Countries!i



Poor Austria, which has to wait till next year for the chance to elect a government which may finally show sense and start deporting savages.


An 18-year-old Somali man has been arrested for breaking into a hospital and trying to sexually assault a female patient. Man arrested after attempted hospital sex attack

Hey, Amber Rudd!

If you’re taking in 22-year-old ‘needy children…’


…surely that fine young fellow would be just what the doctor ordered!

I say doctor, not dentist, because, as we know, British dentists are on the savages’ side.



‘British’ (?!?) Dentists Bite The Hand! 

Read all about the Somali swine in the linked story!

But please read it all the way through.

It also describes ANOTHER young male migrant of military age who should be back in his homeland, Afghanistan, fighting the Taliban.


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  • Instead, the 19-year-old barbarous brute, amok in Mödling, a city in the state of Lower Austria just south of the capital of Vienna…is said to have threatened a psychologist when she was in a session with another patient. 
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  • The Afghan is reported to have threatened to cut her throat and even to behead her. When the police arrived, he became even more aggressive.
Certainly, if Herr Hofer wins the presidential election next month…
Hasil gambar untuk hofer austria
…there will be increasing pressure on the effete coalition regime in power in Vienna to do something about the migrant menace.
But methinks it will take next year’s parliamentary election to make real change in the way Austria handles undesirable aliens.
If the FPO patriot party wins, their first move should be to get their country out of the jurisdiction of those robed rogues on the European Courts.
THEN get started on kicking primitives OUT of Austria.