Petition – Stop College Cash Going To Hamas Fans in USA!

As usual, I am more than happy to give space to any sensible petition, and this one, aimed against a fanatical gang operating in American colleges, is at least as sensible as most. \

Its purpose is to demand withdrawal of  all university privileges and university funding granted to Students for Justice in Palestine….

SJP masquerades as a typical campus cultural group.

Hasil gambar untuk hamas terror

But in reality, it’s an integral part of Hamas’s efforts to annihilate Israel through the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign.

The BDS campaign is an insidious effort that attempts to delegitimize Israel, and smear it as a rogue “apartheid” nation. And it’s up to informed patriots like you and me to fight it…

…starting on our college campuses, where impressionable students are being indoctrinated to this dangerous, anti-Semitic philosophy.

So will you follow this link right away to sign the CUT OFF SJP PETITION?