New Jakarta Fears – ISIS Rape-Gang Fans At Fanatic Demo?

While the guns of the besiegers are hopefully thinning the satanic ranks of the ISIS rape-gang in Mosul…


shoot terrs


…here in Jakarta fears about the horde of fanatics ready to swarm the city centre tomorrow –No Guarantee Jakarta March Peaceful, Yet Police Disarmed? – were heightened by a warning from a government minister.



IS sympathizers will join anti-Ahok rally: Minister

President Jokowi’s Minister of Defence has today revealed that he’s got information that sympathizers of the Islamic State (IS) radical movement would join the massive demonstration..

.Ex-General Ryacudu’s words should be heeded.

Certainly the bizarre policy of using unarmed police to escort the frothing fanatics on their hate-march needs urgently to be reviewed. 

Hasil gambar untuk Ryamizard Ryacudu

Defence Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu


In fact, one hopes that the top-quality anti-terror unit, Densus 88, will be close by.

They’re excellent at pest-control.


Jakarta Echoes of Gibraltar – How Dare You Kill Terrorists?


That’s why the Islamist elements detest them so keenly!

At least there is some news to give a little comfort and joy to decent citizens alarmed by the sort of blood-thirsty sectarians massing tonight for their show of strength tomorrow.

...the TNI announced that 500 military elite personnel from the Army Strategic Reserves Command (Kostrad) and Air Force Special Forces (Paskas) would be part of the security detail .

Again, one has to hope –  that at least these sturdy fellows will not be deprived of their guns!

But mention of the ISIS rape-gang reminds us.

Their evil minions issued death threats against the government and security forces a year and a half ago.

Satanic ISIS Threaten Indonesia Blood-Bath! 

Supporters of the vermin have made little effort to conceal their treasonous allegiance.


Scumbags in Jakarta with ISIS flags -in 2014!


Over two years ago, the top brass here promised they were hot on the trail of the terrorists.

‘ISIS Flags? We’ll Burn Them!’ Bravo, General Moeldoko!

Why are such people still loose?