Pray Or Die? C’mon, Swiss, Deport This Brute!

Switzerland has real democracy.
Unlike their neighbours in France, Germany, Austria and Italy, citizens can demand a vote on almost anything, a proper referendum vote, not the shadow-boxing of parliamentary prigs who seek to distract the electorate with short-term issues. 
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So one hopes the SVP, the Swiss patriot party, will soon see to it that the issue of prompt deportation of undesirables is put to a vote.

And the first candidate for deportation (though there area lot) should be the evil Ethiopian who has  “called for the murder of Muslims who refuse to participate in communal prayer.”

devil destroyed

This vile exhortation was delivered in a mosque in Winterthur, another pretty city in Europe evidently infested with savages.

Hasil gambar untuk winterthur


God knows there’s more than enough such once-agreeable but now blighted cities in the Alpine countries.

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 The imam and three others are now facing criminal proceedings.

The others?

It’s said their role is still unclear but there are yet more, who appear to be crimmigrants. 

A further four men aged 23 to 25 were arrested during the raid for immigration-related offences.

The An ‘Nur mosque, where these creeps hang out, has a very unsavoury reputation. 

Winterthur is regarded as a hotspot for Islamic radicalization in Switzerland with at least five young men having left the city to travel to Iraq and Syria to fight for Islamic State.

shoot terrs

Let’s hope they are, even as we type, being shot to pieces by Kurdish or Iraqi fighters somewhere in Mosul.

And the evil imam and the others? 


out with them

Keeping them in a Swiss jail would be merely a burden on Swiss tax-payers.

Out with them!