Bravissimo! Three Cheers for Mayor Valoti!

Let’s hear three loud cheers for patriot Mayor Giorgio Valoti, of Cene, up in the Alpine border area of Italy!
Signor Valoti has asked to accommodate victims of the recent earthquakes in housing which had been earmarked for migrants…  

It’s a measure of the extent to which today’s European moral compass is dysfunctional that such a natural preference is even deemed newsworthy!

Of course Italian communities should show more care and concern for Italians in trouble than for a pack of lying wannabe benefit bludgers.

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Giorgi shows that he is not just a good patriot but has plenty of political smarts, keeping the townspeople onside and alert to the menace the Renzi regime aimed to visit on them.



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With over a hundred aliens about to be dumped  on Cene in the near future, the mayor utilised road-signs to warn citizens, and social media to call them all to a meeting.  .



What a dashed fine chap!

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After the terrible disasters suffered by earthquake victims, in other regions of Italy, he is now urging the local bishop to put the church-owned holiday homes designated for phoney ‘refugees’ to more honourable use.


As the Red Renzi regime continues to ferry, at Italian tax-payers’ expense, ship-loads of undesirable ingrates ..

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…into ports all along the country’s Mediterranean shores, this splendid civic leader in Cene has set a grand example to every single town and city leader in Europe.