‘We DO Try To Get Trump Supporters On Our Show’ -BBC

That sentence, uttered today on ‘Dateline, by the BBC programme’s host, Gavin Esler, is worth preserving as a prime example of either the BBC’s BLATANT LYING or its CRASS INCOMPETENCE.

We have just had to watch  – not for the first time – four ‘journalists’ deploring the prospect of a Donald Trump victory.


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  • Only one of them was British, Janet Daly, of the Telegraph, who said if Trump wins, ‘we’re finished.
  • The show’s fave American hack, Stryker McGuire, shares her views, on that, at least.
  • An Italian Europhiliac leftist, a Signorina Pira, part of the rat-pack that launched the notorious propaganda outfit Euronews…
  • ——-
  • EuroNews, Devoid of Principle, Stages a Clinton Rally! 
  • …was equally, and predictably, pro-Clinton.
  • Nor was the fourth member of the panel, an Iraqi woman, Mina Al Ourabi, much different.
  • It’s clear the BBC have been getting loads of complaints about this perpetual bias in their selection of hacks.
  • Gavin Esler, the  host, today obliquely confessed to the bias, and to the widespread attention it’s attracted, when he said, smiling –

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‘We DO try to get Trump supporters but..’

and then trailed off, unable or unwilling to explain the difficulties preventing the BBC fulfilling this basic media responsibility.

How many pro-Trump journos have they located?

Are they saying they couldn’t find ANY?




How much time did they spend trying to locate them?

Minutes and minutes? 


The BBC hates Donald Trump, as it hates any person or party, Britain’s UKIP, France’s Marine Le Pen, Austria’s FPO, opposed to the internationalist elite, of which it is, itself, an integral part.

Their interest in American politics is malign. 

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The BBC aids and abets illegal immigrants –Again, BBC Fails To Warn Police of Criminality On Turkish Shore!  and won’t call terrorists what they are.

They’ve been rotten to the core for decades.

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Instead they bring back left-libs like McGuire time and again. They search carefully for token Tories like Daly, ensuring first that she is anti-Trump.

If they say they can’t find any UK journo with the guts to challenge the clique, then they’re lying…




…or totally incompetent.

It’s time to pull the plug on Britain’s Pravda.