If We Win Tomorrow, Will Lard-Ass Haul Ass?

Just read this rather nifty article on the spiked.com site, a place where some of the handful of honest lefties left in Britain can be found.



It’s all about the biggest phoney in America – maybe: there are so many in the Corrupt Clinton camp – namely Loathesome Lard-Ass, the multi-millionaire who masquerades as a common man, with his parodic scruff-bag gear and his foul mouth.

This mockery of how working- men speak and act incenses many of us, not least me…

..but the article focuses on his new film –

Michael Moore: the Leni Riefenstahl of the Hillary campaign –

 –  which the author analyses as something like an expression of Lard-Ass’s sexual hang-ups about Billy-Boy’s neglected spouse. Very odd – I never knew myopia was one of Lard-Ass’s many afflictions.




I have only ever savoured anything Lard-Ass had to say and that was a week or so ago, when he confessed to being seriously worried that The Donald could still win – he was saying this despite the carefully orchestrated eruption of aged bimbos improbably claiming Trump had made a grab for them.

Hasil gambar untuk old hags

And that was before the emails began to flow again.

We can do this.

I say ‘we’ because, although I’m not American, I have friends there, and many readers/allies, all doing their bit in the campaign.

And that campaign is very much an integral part of a worldwide war, the cultural marxist war on civilisation.   


.And just think, if Crooked is handed a defeat, various plush parts of America could be deloused almost overnight, if some so-called ‘celebrities keep their word.  https://ca.news.yahoo.com/celebrity/celebs-threatening-leave-u-donald-035813624.html  

Maybe Loathesome would depart too.

But I sincerely hope they wouldn’t consider Canada as their place of forlorn, fanatic exile

That proud Dominion had enough of American run-away low-lifes when those draft-dodging scumbags came crawling across the border forty plus years ago.