Poor Little Unaccompanied Minor Migrants

…. two Afghan asylum-seekers aged 15 and 17 attacked a couple that was chaperoning a group of ten children on a tour around the town center.

The underage migrants supposedly felt disturbed by the group during their drinking session….  


Calling Amber Rudd, calling Amber Rudd.


Underage migrants attack family on a Halloween night stroll

The park where the crimmigrant scum attacked the Austrians
Is the UK Home Office still desperately  seeking ‘underage’ migrants, eager  to bring them to Britain to leech off British tax-payers?
I’m sure Austria would be delighted to hand over the alien brutes described in this latest report on the consequences of Merkel’s betrayal of Europe.
evil children
A happy Halloween stroll became a horror show for a family attacked by two drunken underage migrants in a park in Upper Austria.

The report fades out with the fact that the two savages weredetained.

It does not say if they remain detained or whether, like so many of these undesirable ‘unaccompanied minor’ swine, they were later unleashed from detention.

That’s what happens in France… Innocents Endangered, But Calais Curs Go Free – Aw, They’re Just Kids! …and in Germany.A Berlin Outpost Of ‘Amber’s Army?’ Aw, “Poor Little Refugees!” 

I suppose we should be grateful that the outrage even got reported.

If that infamous German Lugenpresse vixen had anything to do with it, all such news would be suppressed.

I refer to the nasty Ina Maria Reize…


Hasil gambar untuk lugenpresse

Hasil gambar untuk ina maria reize

Most tellingly, the report does not say whether they are now scheduled for deportation.

Any guesses as to the answer on that last question?

Even if the Austrian Government had the guts and gumption to kick the crimmigrants out, you can safely bet that either the ECJ or the ECHR…


…or the Brussels EuroCommissars, would slap down any such belated concern for the safety of Austrian men women and children.

The safety of the two Afghan swine would easily outweigh the latter duty, which was once the main purpose of any government.

What do readers think?

I’d say the LESS safe this brace of Afghan vermin may be back in Afghanistan, the stronger the argument for deporting them back there..ASAP.

And it’s encouraging to read that in Australia, if not, alas, Austria, a little bit of sanity is showing.

TWO young thugs linked to the violent Apex street gang will be deported after their visas were revoked under tough new migration laws..