America – Supremes OK With ‘White Supremacist Militia?’

It’s a pity that the manic Mira Kamdar’s outlandish outburst on France24 last week…

France24’s Freak-Show! Leftist U.S. Loons Blame ‘FBI Plot!’ 

…that the Trump campaign’s fight to stop voter fraud meant sending ‘white supremacist militia’ to polling places – seriously, I heard her myself! –  has not got more publicity.


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Comrade Kamdar


Her naked hatred, directed against a man for whom millions of decent Americans are voting this Tuesday, was somewhat disturbing to hear and see, but typical of what passes for New York Times ‘values.’

But today I read that Democrat attempts to thwart Trump’s plans to curb voter fraud have hit a brick wall.

The Supreme Court’s ruling is merely the latest legal setback that Democrats have faced in battleground states in their efforts to counteract Trump’s talk of vote rigging. State Democratic parties filed similar lawsuits in Pennsylvania, Nevada, Arizona, North Carolina and Michigan, but those cases either are still pending or resulted in adverse rulings…Supreme Court Refuses To Block Trump Team’s ‘Poll Watching …

Of course neither Trump nor any member of his team have suggested despatching any white supremacist militia anywhere.

Contrast this with the racist Obama’s racist Attorney General Eric Holder…


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…who denounced concerns about the very real threat from a black supremacist militia, the notorious thugs of the Black Panther Party, openly engaged in very real voter intimidation.

Holder used language then which was and is the very stuff of racism. 

Holder: Black Panther Case Focus Demeans ‘My People’

Holder went on to obstruct, whenever possible, state legislation aimed at preventing voter fraud…

 Facebook Question for US Embassy – Why Obama Slams States Trying to Stop Vote Fraud

And don’t forget this!


A new study shows that percentage of non-American citizens who illegally voted in close races in recent years may have garnered the Democratic Party victories.

This Tuesday, the Democrats, having resorted to the low road from the outset, can hardly be expected NOT to attempt to steal this election.