The Bitter Bias of France24 – Lies To the Bitter End!

I see that the pathetic Merkel-Puppet in Paris, Francoise Hollande, has been displaying crass coarseness uncharacteristic of his country…


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…with a uniquely intellectual contribution to the discussion of the American presidential election, telling anyone bored enough to listen that Donald Trump makes him ‘retch.’

Female Afghan interpreter ‘raped by armed migrants’ at CalaisJungle

Silhouette weeping

Paris migrants gang rape and gag teen at Eiffel Tower

I imagine all the women in France raped by alien crimmigrants who were able to rape because Hollande A let them in


B failed to deport them, reacted to his merde with something not dissimilar to a ‘retch.’

The pompous ass in the Elysee Palace is a disgrace to France.

But as a bitter campaign drew to an end, his hostility to the Republican candidate was echoed faithfully by the leftist propaganda outfit calling itself France 24.


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  • I only yesterday listened to their correspondent, walkabout in the USA, in a Hispanic neighbourhood, blatantly LIE about Trump.
  • The sleazy hack said that Hispanics didn’t like Trump, who had ( and I quote verbatim)

‘labelled them rapists.’

Trump didn”t use the word Hispanic in that speech.

He said, and you have probably heard the speech, that SOME Mexican illegal immigrants were rapists. And murderers!

Not all Mexicans, not even all illegals, but some.

Maybe like the one who killed that poor girl in California.

Was he Mexican? Who cares? Obama didn’t, at least!


‘She Doesn’t Look Like MY Daughters’ – The Silence of the Swine Obama! 

My French readers need to get the tax-fund tap turned off, so mendacious media mud-slingers like those on the France24 pay-roll no longer dig their dirty lying snouts into France’s public purse.