2016- Annus Mirabilis! Cheers, Donald!.

I usually have a few bottles stashed around my Jakarta home – a wise precaution in case the parliamentary bill to ban alcohol proposed by Islamist fanatics suddenly speeds up its passage through Indonesia’s House of Representatives.

But I rarely drink at home, unless I have company.

However, tonight, I feel an exception to my normal self-denial is very much in order.


As it happens, the bottle currently open happens to be of American origin, Jim Beam, to be specific.

And what could be more appropriate to toast the Trump victory, a victory not only over the Crooked Clintons but also the biased lying media.

AND it holds out the enticing prospect of a pack of rotten red ‘celebrities’ scuttling off to their natural habitat in Cuba…

If We Win Tomorrow, Will Lard-Ass Haul Ass? 

…if the sleazy creeps keep their word and refuse to stay in a Trump America.

Truly, 2016 has been an ANNUS MIRABILIS, with Brexit in June and now The Donald in November.



Fingers crossed for Herr Hofer in the Austrian presidential election next month.