Ojo Lali – Poor Sumarti Ningsih!

Just spun through the news from The Old Country, and for once, maybe the only time this year, I have to applaud the BBC, for outstanding coverage of that pretty but poor Indonesian girl we featured a year ago.

A Broken Butterfly – RIP Ningsih… 

Ningsih, murdered, her corpse left to decompose in a suitcase.

Ojo lali is Javanese for ‘don’t forget.’

But who remembers her, this lovely girl brutally killed by a rich slob in Hong Kong?

Read on, please…  


In the two years since her death nobody from the Indonesian government has visited them. And no-one took the time to tell them that the trial was even on. They learned that from reporters.

When the BBC arrived at their home ahead of the verdict, the family were out working in their rice fields.

They were surprised to learn this was the day the man who killed their daughter would be convicted.


Sumarti's family
The family expressed surprise when the BBC told them of the case’s latest developments
Well said, Rebecca Henschke, of BBC Indonesia!
And applause also for her other words, on the contrast with the media circus – to which, I must admit, I’ve paid little attention – about the murder in a posh cafe in one of uptown Jakarta’s glitzy malls –Jessica Kumolo sentenced to 20 years in jail for murder  – one privileged young female poisoning a friend (!) over some infantile boy-friend issue.
That trial was broadcast live on all the major news channel and both families were given hours of coverage.
As said already, I didn’t watch that stuff.  
But I do remember Ningsih.