Brussels’s Puppets Diss Dutch Democracy – UK Next?

Even EUObserver, a very pro-Brussels part of the media, has published an opinion piece openly acknowledging how the Juncker Junta, aka European Commission’s local henchman is treating a democratic decision of the Netherlands electorate with something like sneering contempt.


How Holland’s ‘mini-Brexit’ is about to be ignored

Puppet Rutte stands before the enemy banner.


We at RRA are not at all surprised.  

We observed what was afoot months ago.

To Do Britain Down, Rutte Defies Dutch Democracy! 

We even had a rather splendid illustration to show where Prime Minister Rutte’s true allegiance lies.


Read the EUObserver article to get the full picture!

But the author’s final paragraphs make it pretty clear that the Brussels puppet PM is wriggling desperately to flout the clear wishes of the referendum majority.

If the Dutch government were to veto the EU-Ukraine Treaty, it will be the first time since the Swedish no-vote against joining the euro in 2003, that an EU referendum which went the wrong way for Brussels was respected.

All the more timely, then that Brits welcome back the newly-reactivated Leave EU.


The High Court’s ruling, that the Government cannot trigger Article 50 and leave the EU without Parliament’s consent, is a dreadful indictment of our democracy’s health. Three judges, one of whom is a founding member of a legal institute working towards the ‘enhancement of European legal integration’,have defied the will of the British people.