Obama Out, But BBC? ‘No Change, As Pinko ‘Bitch’ Rants!

Who’s Sarah Mirk?

She’s a naggy feminist fanatic, currently with the rabble on the streets of America.

The BBC news at 1pm here in Jakarta just gave her free rein to rant against the President Elect and his voter base, but quite deliberately covered up her political identity.

We quite easily found her out, and inform you accordingly, as the BBC could – but didn’t.




Were it up to the BBC, you’d be left thinking she’s just some fretty female who’d wandered down to the demo.




Hasil gambar untuk sarah mirk

Her highly articulate reason for not taking a journalism course at university?  I just wanted to be out making stuff in the world…   http://www.thesandb.com/arts/bitch-medias-sarah-mirk-08-delivers-bitchin-workshops.html

‘Making stuff…?’ 

And this is meant to be a wordsmith?

Stuff that!

And stuff the Beeb’s bias.

They could have offered viewers a health warning, explaining her record of agitprop activism.

But then they wouldn’t, would they?