Creepy Weepy Capeheart’s Lachrymose Leftism!

It used to be the case that a journalist might be referred to as a ‘newsman,’ but I suppose that’s sexist nowadays.


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  • But this creepy weepy wimp can hardly be called a man!
  • And what kind of news reporting can we expect from the likes of Jonathan Cry-Baby Capeheart?
  • That’s pretty damned obvious.
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  • Please note, I’m not even warning of any garbage he might write in the future, but reminding readers of his rancid record of past scribbling scandals. 
  • The Washington Post’s credibility, to the extent it still has any, is on the line. Jonathan Capehart cannot help himself. One shoddy article has now given rise to a second.
  • Both reveal that he does not check his sources, and even more disturbingly, since he is on the editorial board of The Washington Post, he does not care about the facts.
  • But let’s have a look at Cry-Baby Capeheart’s latest snivelling performance!


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Journalist Jonathan Capehart breaks down over fears of Donald Trump’s presidency during an interview

Prominent gay black journalist Jonathan Capehart broke down during an interview with Channel 4 when asked if he was worried if his country “may become another America” under the recently elected Donald Trump.

These pathetic leftists, whether queer or not, make you want to puke.

Just watch it, but try not to burst out laughing when the queer eventually breaks down in tears