Media Just Can’t Get Past Their Candidate’s Defeat!

Just saw the news on France 24, a bearded twit telling us with po-faced solemnity that there was ‘no evidence‘ to support Trump’s tweeted assertion that the shrill ‘millennial’ brats on the streets were ‘professional protestors incited by the media.’


Does not that Mirk menace earn her living in the agitprop media industry? Obama Out, But BBC? ‘No Change, As Pinko ‘Bitch’ Rants! 

Would she not fall easily into the category of professional protestor?

The sheer volume of rabid hatred  – CNN’s Communist Bile Erupts, Before The Count Is Over!  -and bare-faced lies  – America – Supremes OK With ‘White Supremacist Militia?’  – pumped out by the media…




…will probably go on longer than the brats’ truancy, which may be no bad thing – a day off political indoctrination by pinko pedagogues like this thing pictured below..



The Walking Brain-Dead?- Sex-Obsessed Melissa ‘Muscle!’ 


The Derangement of North America! 

And as to that repulsive mangy anti-American rabble we hear hollering ‘Not My President?
Hasil gambar untuk burning flag not my president
Flag-burning filth rage against democracy

Given the number we hear whining bitterly that they or their crimmigrant friends or family are at risk now of deportation, at least they’re telling the truth!




Trump is President Elect of the USA.

Self-evidently, therefore, he is NOT the President of mangy mutts with no right whatsoever to be there.


out with them