Poor Canada – Turdistan Seeks Californication?

After the exposure of so many Syrian so-called ‘refugees’ as nasty sectarian ingrates…


devil destroyed

Faith Goldy investigates Syrian migrants in New Brunswick schools


…now decent Canadians are waiting to see what new horrors Turdo’s folly will visit upon them.

Canadian officials preparing for potential flood of Mexican migrants after Trump wins…




as Canada prepares to loosen rules for Mexicans to enter the country by lifting a visa requirement on Dec. 1. That restriction has been in place since 2009..

Yes, and it was imposed for good reason.

Stephen Harper showed good sense back then, and while the current crop of wannabe Conservative leaders are not exactly stellar…


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Michelle Rempel MP


….one MP, Michelle Rempel is talking sense, reminding citizens that Harper imposed the restriction in 2009 after ballooning numbers of bogus refugee claims from Mexico.


She accused the Liberals of making an “arbitrary” decision to lift the restriction without doing a formal study of the potential impact, or establishing new measures to prevent abuse.

“You don’t impose a visa on a nation that’s close to us in terms of trade unless there’s a serious, discernible problem. And there was!

Yes, there was. And Harper’s reform worked.

in 2008, nearly 10,000 Mexicans claimed to be refugees and asked Canada for asylum. About 90% of those asylum claimants from were eventually found to be bogus, requiring deportations on Canada’s dime.  http://www.torontosun.com/2015/06/26/mexican-visa-requirement-a-must .

But we have noted how Turdo Junior announced that if elected prime minister he would allow travellers from Mexico to come to Canada without a visa.



Turdo Junior


As a bright gal named Candice Malcolm observed in the Sun, if Canada were to scrap the visa requirement for Mexican visitors, anyone from Mexico could simply show up at our doorstep without prior warning.

Mexigration – Canada’s Turdo Outdoing Obama? 

 One shudders again – and again – over the purblind stupidity of the electorate who put the swine into office.
Just take a look at the red nazi hoodlums who attacked Trump supporters in California, brandishing Mexican flags, to see what sort of citizens the likely ‘refugee’ intake would turn out to be.
Or this horrible heifer, thirsting for ‘casualties.’  https://pjmedia.com/trending/2016/11/10/watch-anti-trump-rioter-people-have-to-die/