Already, Defeated Left Demand Fruits of Victory!

President-elect Donald Trump can take an immediate, practical and shocking step now to show he wishes to be truly presidential.–or-obama-should-sue

And what might that be?


Trump should encourage a vote on Garland — or Obama should sue

And another pinko shrills for Obama to force the Senate to act…


Admittedly, these are just random, sour-grapes sad-sacks in the Washington Post’s opinion page.

But this morning I saw some Clintonite nut-job on the CNN ( of course!) pushing for the very same sell-out.


  • Tonight (Jakarta time!) they’re at it again. 

Force the Senate!?!?!

Who’s going to dare do that? The leftist who used the words says it should be the far-leftist Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, who gets to do the forcing.

Yesterday I cautioned enthusiasts among the millions of good Americans who put Trump in to be patient – it takes time to build walls and remove undesirable aliens.

But it should take Trump no time at all to shoot down the effrontery of those who shudder at the very thought of a pro-American Supreme Court.

Old Bat Taking Flight? Bye-Bye to Bad Bader Bad-Ass? 

Everyone knows that the prospect of  potentially DECADES of sanity at the highest levels depends entirely on Trump using his power to nominate judges wisely and well.  

And he’s promised to do just that.

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It is quite incredible that the Enemy Within the USA seeks to usurp that power within days of the successful American Counter-Revolution!