Defended By Mama’s ‘Army?’ God Save Europe!

Remember how during the UK fight for freedom, the anti-Brexit camp denied the well-known truth that a  key Brussels goal was the creation of an EUSSR army?

Now hear this!

Germany: Trump victory to spur EU military union

That’s in the EUObserver – a devout defender of the ‘European Project,’ and isn’t it strange that it’s Trump, not Erdogan’s Islamist dictatorship in Turkey, that’s Mama Stasi Merkel’s excuse!


  • Cameron and Erdogan (1)  “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.”  

A hostile power, that for years has been unleashing hordes of undesirable illegal aliens on its European neighbours, that has an enormous Fifth Column of disloyals within Europe…

,…is indeed a strong argument for stronger defences along Europe’s land and sea borders.

And the savages swarming across the Med is another.

No need at all for a ‘European Army,’ of course, just a readiness by national armies to use their range of weaponry unhindered by PC cowards.

But imagine how much use such an entity would be if the malignant Merkel had any say in its command.

When the AfD’s Petry suggested shots be fired to safeguard her country’s own frontier from crimmigrant incursions, Mama’s men went into hysteria mode…

….a defeatist chorus that undoubtedly reassured all those bent on transgressing that frontier.

The disgraceful EuroCommissar Gunther Oettinger exemplified their treasonous tripe.

Oettinger the Oaf- EUSSR Commissar Forgets His Flunkey Role! 



“If Petry were my wife, I would shoot myself tonight.”

When journalists asked the commissioner to explain his statement, Oettinger said, “This woman is a disgrace to German politics.”

One of Mama’s Men, par excellence!

Meanwhile, has any help gone to EU countries putting up any kind of fight against the crimmigrant horde?

Far from it!  

Back when Spain was showing some realism about securing its borders, who was it started shrilling on the lawless savages’ behalf?

The EU Commissioner for Home Affairs, Cecilia Malmstrom, said she was “very concerned” about Spanish police firing rubber bullets to deter migrants.  She added that the actions of any EU state protecting its borders should be “proportionate”, and should respect fundamental rights and human dignity.


  • malmstrom_874093d
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“I expect clarifications from the authorities,” Ms Malmstrom said. BBC News – EU to probe Spain over rubber bullets fired at migrants

Yep, another EuroCommissar!

These people are not on our side, They would welcome alien invaders.

Any ‘European Army’ under their control would be a joke!  

But let’s see what happens in the Balkans this month. 

Some 150 migrants, trapped in Serbia, set out on Friday to walk about 125 km (80 miles) to the Croatian border, demanding free and secure passage toward Western Europe, police said..

Migrants stranded in Serbia march toward Croatian border


Who the HELL do these crimmigrants think they are? Western Europe is not some kind of city dump for scavengers to go and grab what they feel like.

Western Europe, and Eastern and Central Europe, are composed of ancient nations, proud peoples who know their history, who have over many centuries fought and died to defend their countries, to free their countries from alien occupation.

The horde, a hubristic rabble, utterly devoid of any respect for either current or intended hosts, needs a sound slap on its predatory snout.

Savages attempt invasion of Macedonia – shoulda shot them then!

So naturally we should hope that either the Serbian police or the Croatian border guards, or both countries’ security forces, deliver such long overdue chastisement.

“We started marching toward the border with Croatia. The camps are full, we sleep in parks, we cannot stand it any more,” said a migrant from Pakistan who gave his name as Habib.

Who gives a tinker’s cuss?!

Yes, Pakistan’s a shariah hell-hole, but that’s the way of life they have made for themselves.  

But even were these people actually ‘refugees’ in any sense enshrined in international agreements, which they are overwhelmingly not, it’s not for them to pick and choose which civilised nation they’ll impose themselves upon.


  • austrsendthemback2


Let’s see what advice the Croats get from Mama Stasi!

But it seems to me, there’s only one sensible response.

 If the rabble make any move to gate-crash the Croat frontier, they should be met with ONE warning volley…

Hasil gambar untuk ready aim fire