‘Gay’ Mob Justice In Massachusetts?



This concerns a court case in America, but should concern all decent people.

It should, moreover, be a wake-up call to those unaware of the menace to freedom that the gaystapo represents.

Over a hundred LGBT activists converged on the US Federal Courthouse in Springfield, Mass., on Wednesday, Nov. 9.

Inside, lawyers representing Pastor Scott Lively, an internationally known pro-family author, advocate, and lecturer, were presenting arguments to dismiss a bizarre and hideous lawsuit brought against him by the international LGBT movement.


Activists demonstrated outside, completely filled the courtroom, and spilled out into an overflow room.


Lively is being sued for alleged “international crimes against humanity” by the George Soros-funded Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR, based in Manhattan…

That last fact alone should make people realise the subversive nature of what’s going on.

Read the whole story here and understand that anyone who stands up for decency is equally at risk.